About the Iberians and their inscriptions over Turkos, Turkes, Turki, Turgi and Turane.

Georgeos Díaz-Montexano, Vitalitius Accepted Member of The Epigraphic Society, Historical-Scientific Atlantology Adviser for James Cameron and National Geographic

These are some texts written in Iberian runes where I have been able to identify a list of batir heroes from the “wing/arm/troop/section/first branch”? (in ibero written as gol biŕ[…) and a Kaŋagate (¿’chieftaincy, principality, kingdom or empire‘?), and other texts from persons, lords or deities mentioned, who are identified with the Turanian lands or Turanian steppes, others that are identified with the terms turkos (Pan10.30a, P3,187Empuries-a), turkes (g.1.4 and Pan10.30a, P3,187Empuries-a), turki and turgi in two cities: ArkeTurki “The city next to the river” and IliTurgi “The capital city of the country of the Turgi”, a city that already included in its coins as a symbol of identity the crescent and the star as can be seen in the image above, on the obverse, below the text OIL [Abbreviation of O IL(ITURGI)] and in front of the face of the king of the city, and on the reverse, under an Iberian rider ILITVRGI. In texts written in Latin they always appear as TURGI or TURCI (which was pronounced turki in Latin)..

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Turkos, Turkes en plomo ibérico

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